Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Apologies for the delay

Eeek! I'm super embarrassed by how long it's been since I've updated this blog. Well, that should tell you how busy life has been. There are only a few days left in my first semester at HBS. In fact, my first final is in just 12 days.

I'll try to recap the last few months, but there's way to much to fit in one post, so I'll just give you some general impressions.

Classes have been both more and less stressful than I imagined. Because 50% of our grade is based on participation and cold calls are a common occurrence, it's virtually impossible to slack in class. The Case Method brings an unparalled sense of energy. Debates amongst peers are commonplace and encouraged, and reflective of the real world. (Although, I must admit, there are times where I wouldn't mind a lecture or two in finance). But anyway, I spend hours reading cases each night, followed by a one-hour meeting with my discussion group every morning. All in the hopes that I will be called on to contribute one hopefully-somewhat brilliant comment in class. However, other elements of class are pretty low-key. For example, the midterm for one of my classes was un-graded, and we had a group project for another class.

Besides classes, I'm also currently in the midst of corporate recruiting for summer internships. Over 200 companies are interviewing on campus in January, and many more have submitted job postings. It's a bit overwhelming, but also pretty exciting.

I've also joined several clubs, including the Social Enterprise Club, where I've been able to meet a bunch of other do-gooders :-)

All-in-all, I'm having a really great start to my MBA experience.

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