Friday, September 5, 2014


The admissions team is running a social media campaign called "Life at HBS." Based on feedback from prior years, it seems that applicants are really interested in what life is really like at HBS. They've asked us current students to use the hashtag #LifeAtHBS on many of our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc posts. So, if you haven't already checked it out, it'll give you something to do after you submit your application and are looking for a distraction for the next 3 weeks until interview invites are released (I wish they had this when I applied!).

In the spirit of that campaign, I'm writing more about my life at HBS. Here are a couple of basics:

All first year students (known as RCs), take 6 classes the first semester:
  • TOM: Technology Operations Management: This is basically an operations class
  • FRC: Financial Reporting and Control: This is an accounting class, but HBS likes to use fancy names
  • LEAD: This is a class on leadership and is often cited by alums as one of the most important classes they took
  • MKT: Marketing: This name is pretty straightforward
  • FIN: Finance: We won't officially start our finance classes until next week
  • FIELD: This is a three-part course that spans the entire first year. In Field 1, the focus is on interpersonal dynamics and teamwork. In FIELD 2, we'll all travel to developing countries to consult on a good or service for a company. Lastly, in FIELD 3, we'll work in small teams and get a couple thousand dollars from HBS to launch a start-up.

We're typically in class from around 8am-3pm, followed by activities, events, speakers, meetings with professors, and review sessions. Then, we spend a few hours each evening preparing for the following day's cases. Amidst all of that, we often have group dinners or go out for drinks. There are also multiple campus parties each week. All-in-all, we are often sleep-deprived, but the experience has been pretty freakin' amazing.

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