Friday, June 20, 2014

Admissions Advice from HBS Dean

I recently stumbled across an interesting article, highlighting a revealing interview with Dee Leopold, the head of HBS admissions. The article made me realize all of the little things that the admissions committee thinks about, many of which I'd never considered. It also made me extremely thankful that I never have to go through the application process again.

I also thought it was interesting that out of the 10,000 applicants who applied to HBS last year, only 10 people chose not to write the "optional" essay. And one of those people was actually accepted!

So anyway, for those of you planning to apply to b-school this coming fall, the article is worth a quick read.


  1. Crazy to think about those 10, and how the admit rate is the same to the rest of the 10,000.

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