Monday, April 21, 2014

HBS Admitted Students Welcome

On Thursday and Friday of last week, I had the opportunity to meet my potential future classmates at HBS. The event was only about a day and a half, but it was jam-packed with activities -- from housing tours, to financial aid sessions, to mock classes, to evening "networking" events, it was a very busy time. I was incredibly exhausted by Saturday morning, but I was also energized as I contemplated the fact that I could actually be attending this amazing program! I am truly awed and humbled that I have this opportunity.

Everyone I met was incredibly down to earth, friendly, diverse, and well accomplished. I, of course, met several consultants and bankers, but I also met a ton of people working in start-ups, entrepreneurs, joint degree candidates, and even social enterprise folks.

In our mock class, we discussed a case about the Chilean miners who were stranded in the collapsed mine. The key takeaways from the case were interestingly about leadership and structures within society. When all normal aspects of human life were removed, a group of 33 men, who were isolated 700 meters underground, still managed to create a system of government. This ultimately enabled  them to survive against all odds. The case method is a very unique and special process, but I think it could allow for some pretty interesting and amazing class discussions.

Anyway, if my two-day visit at HBS is any indication of what the next two years might be like, then things could be pretty amazing!

I'll be traveling to the Bay Area next week, and will be making my final decision shortly thereafter. The deposit deadline is May 1st for both schools. Things are getting real. 


  1. Edging every closer now. Holding my breath for the announcement of the huge decision!

  2. The Chilean miners case as very well done. I'm not sure if we were in the same "section" but my professor started the class off by showing a heart rending video (music) showing a about previous mining disaster and some notes those miners wrote near the end (most of them died). All in all, I'd say the whole welcome was very well ran and organized.

    1. Yes, I saw that video as well. It was incredibly moving and emotional.

  3. Hi Domotron, congrats again on getting admitted. I've got a quick question. Did you use an admission consultant for your app or get it done on your own?


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