Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And the winner is Kellogg...No, wait, it's Tuck!

The past 5 days have been pretty intense. I'm totally not complaining about having options, but I have been insanely stressed. In the battle between Tuck and Kellogg, I finally made the decision late Sunday evening to enroll at Kellogg. I appreciate Kellogg's strengths in marketing and social enterprise, and I loved the school when I visited. It's a solid, top 5 program that will help me reach my goals.

I  clicked the "enroll" button on the online portal, and felt relatively confident with my decision. "I am going to Kellogg," I thought.

But then, I woke up Monday morning with doubts. The costs of earning a MBA are astronomical. Am I really going to turn down a full scholarship?! I spent Monday and Tuesday chatting with some current Tuckies who I met when applying. They alleviated a couple of small, personal concerns that I had, and reignited my initial excitement and passion for that program. I interviewed with Tuck all the way back in September, and I think that I somehow just started to forget the little things that made me love it.

So, today is the deadline to enroll and submit my deposit at Kellogg. I have a few hours left to change my mind (again), but I'm pretty sure that I'll be choosing Tuck. And surprisingly, my decision is actually not based on the money (although it's obviously a great thing to have). 

It's been a week of soul searching, and I'm feeling good about my decision. I'm excited to be a Tuckie!


  1. So is Stanford out of the equation?

    1. Stanford and HBS are still both in the equation. However, while it's great to be invited to interview by those schools, I won't know whether I've been accepted until the end of the month. There's still a ~50% chance I'll be rejected. If I get accepted, it will be an amazing surprise, but I can't factor those schools into my decision-making until I am actually (hopefully) admitted.

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